Blackburn Bluffs Preserve

Blackburn Bluffs Hardwood Forest
Blackburn Bluffs Hardwood Forest

Blackburn Creek in Blackburn Bluffs Pres
Blackburn Creek in Blackburn Bluffs Pres

Blackburn Creek in Winter
Blackburn Creek in Winter

Blackburn Bluffs Hardwood Forest
Blackburn Bluffs Hardwood Forest


We are actively seeking financial support with a funding gap of $130,000 toward the purchase and protection of Blackburn Bluffs Preserve and to enable further acquisitions.



Property purchase price: $400,000
Due diligence and closing: $25,000
Total project: $425,000

Committed funds:
NWALT Land Acquisition Fund: $225,000

UPDATE 4/26/2021: Offline donations have grown to more than $70,000! We've updated our goal to reflect our remaining funding gap. Thank you to everyone who as donated so far toward the permanent protection of Blackburn Bluffs Preserve! 

Funding gap: $130,000 

“Donors make this work possible,” says Terri Lane, Executive Director of the land trust. “The sooner we can reach our funding goal, the sooner we move on to save other critical natural areas before it is too late. We appreciate everyone who helps us save land for the future of our growing region.”

Those interested in donating to support the land trust’s conservation efforts can give online here or contact Lauren Embree at 479-966-4666 or


Land owners who would like to learn more about conservation opportunities should contact Marson Nance at 479-966-4666 or

County: Washington

Size: 300 Acres

Date Conserved: 2020                                       *Only open for land trust guided events

The Northwest Arkansas Land Trust recently closed on the purchase of 300 acres in southern Washington County, west of the Bobby Hopper tunnel on Interstate 49, Boston Mountains Scenic Loop. The property, named Blackburn Bluffs Preserve by the land trust, is adjacent to Rotten Bluff Hollow, a privately owned 725-acre tract the land trust protected working with supportive conservation buyers and a conservation easement agreement in late 2019. Together, the properties establish a 1,025-acre protected corridor for the movement of wildlife under the interstate. Permanent conservation of the two properties protects 2.5 miles of Blackburn Creek, a tributary in the Lee Creek Watershed that supplies drinking water for more than 200,000 people in the Fort Smith metro area.

The purchase is part of an ongoing strategic effort by the Northwest Arkansas Land Trust to establish a Boston Mountain Wildlife Corridor, aiming to connect publicly protected lands at Devil’s Den State Park and Ozark National Forest in the west to Ozark National Forest in the east.

The conservation of Blackburn Bluffs Preserve alongside Rotten Bluff Hollow forms an anchor for continued conservation efforts to the east and west. The land trust seeks to work with willing landowners in the proposed corridor to place voluntary conservation easements on private lands, as well as willing sellers who support the effort. The ultimate outcome will create a landscape-scale network of public and private conservation lands, linking the two tracts of Ozark National Forest. 

Within the target corridor are populations of endangered Ozark Big-eared Bats and Northern Long-eared Bats. Ozark Big-eared Bats are identified in the Arkansas State Wildlife Action Plan as critically imperiled with a ranking of S1, or extremely rare. The area also lies within the US Fish and Wildlife Service Consultation Area for Northern Long-eared Bats, a federally threatened species.

Additionally, this core is part of the viewshed for a designated scenic byway at the gateway to the region. The project area is visible from the interstate, the National Forest, and Devil’s Den State Park. Protection of the viewshed and wildlife habitat will help maintain a sustainable tourism industry in the region.