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Native Plant Garden at Kessler Outdoor Classroom is Planted

Thanks to great work by our volunteers, the native plant garden is ready for Spring!

garden volunteers_editedHow do you turn a patch of ground into a beautiful example of native landscaping? Through the great efforts of our partners and volunteers! Thanks to their work, the native plant garden is ready for students and the community to enjoy.  This garden will be a valuable teaching tool, demonstrating how native plants provide wildlife habitat, support pollinators, and serve as a beautiful and sustainable option for landscaping.

The wide variety of plants were chosen so that flowers will be blooming throughout the growing season. This is beneficial because pollinators will have nectar available to them throughout the year.  It also means that there will be something new to see in the garden year-round! There are stepping stones throughout the garden which give ample opportunity for exploration.  We invite you to enjoy this newest addition to the Kessler Outdoor Classroom!

Now that the plants are in place, there are new opportunities to support the work at the Kessler Outdoor Classroom. We need volunteers to help us maintain the garden so that it will thrive for years to come! Contact to learn more.

Thanks to the Arkansas Native Plant Society and the Arkansas Forestry Commission for funding this project!


Northwest Arkansas Land Trust Joins Community Monarch Conservation Effort

NWALT joins Fayetteville Mayor’s Pledge to Save the Monarch Butterfly

Monarch_Butterfly_Danaus_plexippus_MilkweedThe Northwest Arkansas Land Trust is proud to be part of Fayetteville’s effort to save the monarch butterfly! This exciting community-wide effort began earlier this year after Mayor Lioneld Jordan signed the “Mayor’s Monarch Pledge” with the National Wildlife Federation.

The effort, called the Fayetteville Monarch Project, is a collaboration among conservation organizations, schools, local nurseries, and the city to help save the monarch butterfly.  Fayetteville Monarch Project’s mission is “To conserve and create monarch habitat in Northwest Arkansas.”

Monarch butterflies migrate from overwintering sites in Mexico every spring, stopping through Fayetteville and the rest of Northwest Arkansas in the spring to breed. By the fall, they make the long journey back through, feeding on late-blooming flowers like goldenrod. However, monarch populations have seen a 90% decline over the last 20 years due in large part to habitat loss throughout their range.  For this reason, it is vital for communities to come together to make a difference for the monarch before they are gone forever.

The Fayetteville Monarch Project will accomplish its goals by creating habitat through pollinator gardens and habitat restoration, advocating for monarch conservation through municipal policy, and teaching the public about the importance of pollinators through outreach and education.

The land trust is excited to work with the dedicated members of this group! Wilson Springs Preserve is an ideal habitat for monarchs due to the abundance of milkweed in the spring and blooming flowers in the fall.  Our restoration work there will be a big step in making Fayetteville a landmark destination for the beautiful and imperiled monarch butterfly.

For more information about the Mayor’s Monarch Pledge, click here.

Photo by and (c)2009 Derek Ramsey (Ram-Man) – Self-photographed, GFDL 1.2,

Native Plant Garden Workday & Pizza Party — Thursday April 14 2-6 PM

Help us plant native wildflowers at the Kessler Mountain Outdoor Classroom!

Plains tickseed_B.Hinterthuer_2013The time has come to start planting the native plant garden in preparation for this month’s 4th grade field trips! This garden will be an educational tool for students to learn how native wildflowers provide habitat for wildlife, support biodiversity, and protect pollinators.

If you want to help us improve the natural beauty of Kessler Mountain and contribute to local environmental education, then join us on Thursday, April 14 from 2:00-6:00 PM to plant wildflowers. After the work is done, we will enjoy Frank Sharp’s famous wood-fired pizzas. This volunteer opportunity is sure to be a fun way to get outside and do some good for the Kessler Outdoor Classroom!

We hope you will join us! Contact or call 479-966-4666 for more information.

Photo credit: Burnetta Hinterthuer