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Frog Bayou Preserve

County: Crawford

Size: 151 Acres

Date Conserved: 2013


Landowner John Rule donated his remote 151-acre homestead to the land trust in 2013. “Frog Bayou Preserve,” named for the creek that runs through it, is maintained by the land trust in accordance to Mr. Rule’s wishes to preserve a haven for wildlife and a place to always see the stars.

When asked about what the property has meant to him, Mr. Rule captured the meaning by sharing a personal story. “My wife wrote me a letter, and she left it sealed. I had forgotten about it until going through an old box one day. In the letter, she said that here, together, that she had found the secret of life. It was a wonderful statement of our life here together. We didn’t realize it at the time, but every moment here was a gift.”

The property affords scenic views out of the valley to Shepard Mountain, as well as excellent views along Frog Bayou. Much of the land is forested with Hardwood Timber. The property provides ideal habitat for wildlife and has over a mile of protected high quality riparian area which contributes to the water quality of Lake Fort Smith.

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