Nature and Arts Festival

September 2019 at Wilson Springs Preserve

Fayetteville, Arkansas


Events and times are subject to change. All activities take place outside at Wilson Springs Preserve, so please dress accordingly (hiking boots or sturdy shoes, long pants, and bug spray is highly suggested). In the event of rain, some activities may be rescheduled or canceled. For the latest updates, please visit our Facebook page



- Dogs and bicycles are not allowed inside Wilson Springs.

- Total trail length is appx. 2 miles. Most events and activities take place within 1/4 - 1/2 mile from the trail head.

- The trails are not paved, but are rated as easy.

OPENING DAY: Saturday, Sep 7 

On display: Poppy Seed, Spin-Valence, Cattails, Sunboxes

12pm - Trillium Salon Series presents: Thought Form Collective

Immerse yourself in an original percussion based composition made up of 6 performers at various locations around the preserve, allowing audience members to experience the music from within the ensemble as well as from the outside. The inspiration for the piece is the yearning to be immersed in nature while being constantly bombarded by modern technology. The piece starts with drums and distractions, representing modern life, but segues into more serene melodic moments representing the peace and serenity of nature and once again returns to the chaos of modern life. 


- Sun Prints with Craig Colorusso until 2pm

All ages workshop harnessing the power of the sun to make natural works of art. 

- Paleo Painting with Madison Woods until 4pm

Learn the art of creating natural pigments to create watercolor paints. Try your hand at grinding stones to produce raw pigments you can then use to create stunning works of art! 

- Wild Clay Building with Christina Blackwood until 4pm 

Get your hands dirty and learn techniques for hand-building with natural "wild clay." 

- Education Stations open until 4pm

Learn why the work of the Land Trust is so important to protecting our natural resources with hands on activities. 

2pm - Wilson Springs Nature Hike led by Marson Nance

Learn more about the various habitats that are part of Wilson Springs Preserve with Northwest Arkansas Land Trust Director of Land Protection and Stewardship Marson Nance.

3pm - Instrument Making Class with Craig Colorusso

Artist Craig Colorusso will help children of all ages create their own percussive instruments for use in the Sunboxes Parade later in the evening. 


5pm - Performance by the band Sycamore 

Sycamore is a Northwest Arkansas folk/rock trio (Guy Ames, Bruce Allen and Jim Nicholson) that focuses on original music and somewhat out of the ordinary cover tunes. This well experienced trio has a history in NW Arkansas area of rock, blues, country and folk/rock through their involvements in local bands and beyond over the last 15+ years.

Environmental themes run through this music, primarily due to the songwriting of Guy Ames. Guy has been referred to in a recent book published by the University of Arkansas Press as a “Hipbilly”. As one of the Ozark back-to-the-landers of the 1970’s, he followed the dream of a “peace of land” and became a farmer.

Artistic Camera Effects Workshop with Diana Housam 

Without using advanced technology workshop students will learn how to create wildly interesting images produced in-camera without the aid of Photoshop. Techniques such as zoom burst, bokeh photography (extreme shallow depth of field) and painting with light, intentional camera movement will be taught in this workshop. Class limited to 10 participants, please register here.

5:30pm- Botany Hike with Jennifer Ogle

Native plant expert Jennifer Ogle will lead a hike through Wilson Springs Preserve with a focus on the unique flora in different areas of the prairie wetland. 

Sunday, Sep 8 

On display: Poppy Seed, Spin-Valence, Cattails, Sunboxes

4pm - Qigong with Jack Kayser

The class will progress through the fundamental theory and movement-breathing of qigong.  About a dozen different movements will be taught and practiced during the duration of the class.  All movements will involve the standing position, no mats are needed.  Comfortable apparel and shoes are recommended. Class limited to 24 participants, please register here


CANCELED - Trillium Salon Series Presents: University of Arkansas World Music Ensemble 

With the mission to take classical music outside the concert hall and into intimate settings, Trillium Salon Series redefines the relationship between performer and audience. Each concert is one-of-a-kind and all about connecting with the community through love of amazing live music.  

Saturday, Sep 14 

On display: Poppy Seed, Spin-Valence, Cattails, Sunboxes

1pm - Yoga Butoh Dance Connection: Creative Movement In Nature Workshop

This three hour workshop led by Lela Besom and Virginia Hickman will give participants an opportunity to practice awareness, yoga, butoh dance techniques, and creative movement exploration through deep listening to their bodies, their inner voice, and the Wilson Springs environment. We will use the energy and beauty of our surroundings to inform our breathing, thinking, movement, and creative output.

Participants will observe and gather natural forms and movement from the Wilson Springs surroundings that will connect to yoga postures and inspire original movement with their own bodies. They will experience a re-merging with the environmental elements from which we are formed and create a visual conversation with the environment through movement.

Through the workshop participants will experience the value of having access to nature in relationship to health and creativity. They will also tap into their potential and feel more grounded in their bodies. Class limited to 18 participants, please register here

1pm - Ladybug Cathedral by Craig Colorusso

Part concert, part performance art, this 5-6 hour musical work for electric guitar, bass clarinet and clarinet by artist Craig Colorusso will be an experience unlike any other!

4pm - Herp Hike with Dr. JD Willson

Put on your muck boots, grab your flashlight, and join herpetologist Dr. JD Willson on an exciting adventure through Wilson Springs Preserve. Dr. Willson will lead a small group through the preserve in search of the amphibians and reptiles that make their home in the wetland. Hike is limited to 25 participants, please register here

Sunday, Sep 22 

On display: Poppy Seed, Spin-Valence, Cattails, Sunboxes

4pm - Poetry Workshop

Poet Gwen Mauroner will lead participants through a 90-minute poetry writing workshop, focused on practicing deep observation of the place around them through the writing of odes. Odes, as a poetic form, describe their subject in detail, looking for hidden worth and praising the subject, and each participant in the workshop will be asked to write an ode about something found at Wilson Springs Preserve. Poets will have a chance to read their works during the festival closing reception on Saturday, September 28th. Class limited to 20 participants, please register here

Monday, Sep 23 (Fall Equinox) 

On display: Poppy Seed, Spin-Valence, Cattails, Sunboxes

6pm - Qigong with Jack Kayser

The class will progress through the fundamental theory and movement-breathing of qigong.  About a dozen different movements will be taught and practiced during the duration of the class.  All movements will involve the standing position, no mats are needed.  Comfortable apparel and shoes are recommended. Class limited to 24 participants, please register here

- Yoga with Sunboxes

Participants will welcome the official start of Fall with an inspired yoga session nestled among Craig Colorusso's Sunboxes installation. Bring your yoga mat and greet the new season in zen with instructor Tonia Squires. Register here


Saturday, Sep 28  

5pm - Closing Reception at Fenix Fayetteville Gallery

Join us for a closing reception at the Fenix Fayetteville Gallery in downtown Fayetteville. Artworks created during the month will be on display alongside performances by select festival artists.   

Saving land today for the generations of tomorrow. 




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