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"A True Gem" Protected in the Illinois River Watershed

Landowners George and Lindi Holmes made the choice to forever protect 60 beautiful acres of their property surrounding Moores Creek near Lincoln in Washington County. The Holmes' live off-grid on the property, relying on solar power and rain water cisterns to provide for their daily needs.

"The Holmes Property is a fantastic addition to NWALT's conservation portfolio," says Director of Land Protection and Stewardship Marson Nance. "For a small tract, it has a remarkably diverse range of landscape features including bluff shelters, caves, waterfalls, and riparian forest. It is one of the finest examples of Ozark habitat in the Illinois River Watershed- a true gem."

Thanks to the generous support of our donors, Moores Creek will remain a pristine tributary of the Illinois River, supporting the overall health of the Illinois River Watershed. Thank you to George and Lindi, and to all our landowners and donors who work with the Northwest Arkansas Land Trust to preserve quality of life in our region! 

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