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Conservation, Education, and Celebration: Looking forward to fall at NWALT

As the school year starts back, the change of seasons offers a great opportunity to engage with the natural beauty of Northwest Arkansas while working toward its long-term protection. We hope you will join us this fall as we continue to grow the community of conservation working to protect the land and waters that define and sustain Northwest Arkansas

Volunteering for Conservation:

Directly impact the preservation of our natural landscapes by volunteering with NWALT. Whether you're from an office, church, or school group, we're here to facilitate a team-building experience on our protected properties. Your group can make a concrete difference for NWA with trail maintenance, habitat restoration, and environmental research, and be a driving force behind our conservation mission. Learn more about how your group can make a difference here.

Kessler Outdoor Nature Center Trail

Making an Impact Through Environmental Education:

This fall, inspire the conservationists of tomorrow by volunteering with NWALT. Discover the Kessler Nature Center, nestled within the grounds of the Ozark Mountain Smokehouse. With a 0.8-mile interpretive loop trail, a native plant and rain garden, and a 1,500-square-foot indoor nature center, the center provides outdoor learning experiences for over 2,100 lifelong learners annually. Join our volunteer education training on August 28th, 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM, and get ready to amplify your impact through Kessler Nature Center programming.

Contact Evan Johnson at to learn more and register for the volunteer education training.

Celebrating NWALT’s 20th Anniversary at Acre by Acre:

Stay tuned for exciting updates on NWALT's fall fundraiser, Acre by Acre, as we celebrate two decades of preserving the defining lands of Northwest Arkansas. Together, we'll honor the milestones achieved and look ahead to the promising future of the Land Trust.

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