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Environmental Education Activities You Can Do at Home

With schools in flux, hundreds of area students are missing out on their field trip to the Kessler Outdoor Classroom and Nature Center this spring. So, we're bringing the classroom to you at home! We've adapted a few of our favorite environmental education activities so that your kids can participate from the safety of your home. Enjoy, and please share your experience with us on social media with the hashtag #nwalandtrust!

Bird Nest Balls - A Bird Nest Ball is filled with natural materials that birds can use to make

their nests

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt - A comprehensive scavenger hunt that will keep kids busy

Homegrown Hikes - A scavenger hunt and observation guide

All About Birds - Developed for our Kessler Nature Trail, you can complete this activity by exploring your own backyard or local trail!

Insect Study - A closer look at the world of bugs

External Resources - Check out these other opportunities online!


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