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Jumping into Spring with NWALT Events

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Spring has arrived, and with it comes an abundance of opportunities to connect with nature and the community through NWALT membership events. We are excited to continue our outreach effort. I wanted to highlight a few of the outreach programs that have been held and introduce some fun upcoming events.

We are proud to be celebrating Wilson Springs Preserve's 10-year anniversary, a milestone that wouldn't have been possible without the support of our dedicated volunteers and members. To mark the occasion, Director of Land Stewardship Marson Nance hosted a talk on the conservation accomplishments of Wilson Springs and highlighted the array of native flora and fauna that has resurged due to the community's stewardship of the land!

Last month, Dr. Jami Lockhart, NWALT board member and Archeogeophysical Research Director with the University of Arkansas, presented the cultural history of NWA Land Trust properties. At the event, participants were able to hop into the Dr. Lockhart Time Machine to take a closer look of what research suggests NWALT properties and the larger region looked like 5,000 years ago to 100 years ago. Our board members are a critical to the success the Land Trust and we are thankful their expertise and leadership!

Land Trust volunteers continue to be difference-makers in protecting our region's land, water, and wildlife.

Over the last few months, volunteers have removed invasive species around the Kessler Mountain Outdoor Classroom, built birdhouses for the new Betty Hinshaw Bird Sanctuary, installed bat boxes on Kessler Mountain, and helped get the rain gardens around the Ozark Mountain Smokehouse ready for spring.

We are also focused on training up the next generation of conservationists, and we are proud to offer resources to help educate students about the importance of protecting the spaces that help make NWA so great! We have hosted over 325 students at the Kessler Classroom and Nature Center since the new year and expect 300 more students by the end of the spring semester!

You can become a NWALT member by making an annual $50 donation or by volunteering with the Land Trust. If you did either in 2022, your membership is active for all of 2023. Members receive a monthly email announcing new programs, access to early registration, and the latest news of NWALT's work.

You can learn more about April events and register through the links below. We hope to see you out on the land soon!


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