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Regional Partners Work to Protect, Restore Riverbend Farm

Situated along the banks of the West Fork of the White River in Washington County, one of the Northwest Arkansas Land Trust’s priority protection zones, is Riverbend Farm. Owned and operated by Janet Bachman and Jim Lukens, the 128-acre property produces organic fruits and vegetables, as well as flowers, that are sold at area farmer’s markets.

Stream bank restoration completed by the Watershed Conservation Resource Center

Working with the Northwest Arkansas Land Trust in 2014, Janet and Jim originally placed 31 acres in a conservation easement, which included 4,000 feet of streambank that was later restored by the Watershed Conservation Resource Center (WCRC).

Landowner Janet Bachman with Pam Nelson, Land Protection Coordinator

The project, spearheaded by WCRC with partners including National Resource Conservation Service, Beaver Water District, Beaver Watershed Alliance, Walton Family Foundation and Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, is working to improve water quality through river restoration and best management practices, including land protection.

Shale barren habitat on the conserved property

In 2019, the couple agreed to place an

additional 97 acres into a conservation easement with the Land Trust, forever protecting the forested hillside, shale barren habitat, riparian forest, riverine wetlands, prime farmland soils, and pasture throughout. Janet and Jim were able to customize their conservation easement to their needs, ensuring agriculture can continue on the property while also protecting important conservation values like water quality, wildlife habitat and local foods. The Northwest Arkansas Land Trust remains committed to working with regional partners to advance conservation in our region!


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