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Why the Protection of Land Matters

Updated: May 1, 2023

I'm coming up on my first year with the Land Trust and it's hard to believe how fast time has flown and the progress we have made. Every day, I see the impact of our conservation work on the ground - from the protection of critical wildlife habitats to the preservation of working farms. But I also know that there is so much more to be done. As Northwest Arkansas grows, now is the time to proactively protect the natural spaces that make our home such a special place.

NWALT is committed to protecting lands in partnership with landowners, cities, counties, state agencies, and other partners that have come to understand that the protection of land is a critical part of our quality of life.

NWA is in the fabric of NWALT. This is our home. This is where we are raising our families, being involved in our community, retiring, and enjoying life and living in NWA. The protection of land is possible through generous donations and support from many conservationists that believe in our mission.

NWALT has a team of dedicated and passionate professionals who come to work every day committed to making a difference in the protection and preservation of our natural landscape. This magnificent landscape legacy is built and expanded on each time NWALT, and our partners, protect a natural area, creek, stream, native forests and habits, watersheds, recreational green space, farms, and cultural sites.

The greatest conservation gifts that we receive are from people that understand the impact and importance of land protection and how it will secure the future of NWA as a destination for families, professionals, companies, and the outdoor recreation tourism industry.

A mowed trail through a prairie of hip-high wildflowers
Westside Prairie in Fayetteville

Gifts of any size are so important, and whether you donate land, volunteer on a preserve, or make a financial donation, your contribution will help to speed the pace of land conservation, protect our water quality, increase access to outdoor recreation, and create more opportunities for local farmers interested in growing fresh fruits and vegetables.

When we come together as a community to protect NWA land, water, wildlife, we can achieve more than we ever could alone. No matter how big or small your contribution, your support will make a difference and help to ensure that future generations can enjoy the natural landscapes that help make NWA one of the best places to call home.

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