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Springtown Methodist Church 

County: Benton 

Size: 2 Acres 

Date Conserved: 2021 

Trail Miles: No trail 

Readings Rd. Springtown, Arkansas 

Springtown Methodist Church was donated to the Land Trust by the Arkansas Conference of the United Methodist Church in 2021. Built in 1881 by the residents of Springtown, it is believed by many historians to be the oldest continually used church in Northwest Arkansas. Historical records reveal that the foundation of the church was broken from the bed of Flint Creek and hauled up the hill, while the lumber was milled at the Beck Mill located along Flint Creek twelve miles west of Siloam Springs. The pulpit was built by W.D. Wasson from goods boxes from his store, and he also donated the original bell. Although the congregation ceased in 1995, the building was available to the community in the years following.  


The church is currently closed to the public and planning talks are ongoing about the best ways to preserve the structure for posterity.  


Visitors may park on the lawn, tour the grounds and peek inside the windows. The church is an excellent stop when visiting nearby Flint Creek Headwaters Preserve. 

Church Map.png


  • Open dawn to dusk. 

  • Enter at your own risk. 

  • In case of emergency, dial 911. 

  • On leash dogs okay. 

  • Do not disturb the structure or grounds. 

  • Do not feed or disturb wildlife. 

  • No collecting of plants, flowers, or other natural elements. 

  • Pack out what you pack in; leave no trace. 


  • The building- The small one room church is a great example of early Benton County architecture and community led construction. 

  • The grounds- Huge oak trees provide shade in summer and many migratory songbirds fill their branches in spring. 

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