Gifts of Real Estate

The gift of real estate can be an incredible way to share your love of the land, support the work of the land trust, and have a lasting impact on Northwest Arkansas while reducing your taxes and the burden of land management.

What would the land trust do with my property? Frog Bayou_edited

The answer depends on several factors, including the type of property being conserved, and your wishes as the landowner.  The land trust can be creative and flexible, often enlisting sponsors or partner organizations, to help achieve the desired approach and to ensure our capacity to manage the land for the intended purpose.  Possibilities include:

1.  Establish the property as a permanently protected nature preserve or public conservation area to benefit wildlife and the community.

The land trust is interested in properties with conservation value that we can set aside for the benefit of people and wildlife.  Forests, wetlands, ridgelines, meadows and streams provide an opportunity for us to connect people with nature, to provide educational or recreational opportunities, or simply to preserve an area for wildlife, scenic viewing or quiet enjoyment.

2.  Permanently protect the property by placing it into a conservation easement and then selling it to a conservation buyer to help fund other land protection projects.

This can be an important way to increase the pace of land conservation in Northwest Arkansas.  Your gift is essentially leveraged to help protect even more land in our community.  The easement is held and monitored by the land trust to ensure the conservation value of the land is permanently protected, while proceeds from the sale of the property are used to help the land trust place additional properties into protection.

3.  If not a conservation property, sell the property to help fund the work of the land trust.

Gifts of non-conservation real estate can give a major boost to our land conservation efforts.  For example, real estate in town, undeveloped lots, buildings or homes can all be gifted to the land trust, providing you with tax deductions, while helping the land trust fund other important local land protection projects.

To discuss a possible gift of real estate, please contact Terri Lane at or call 479-966-4666.