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Local businesses play a crucial role in shaping the future of our community. By actively participating in conservation efforts, businesses can contribute to the preservation of our environment while building a positive reputation within the community. Together, we can make a lasting impact on Northwest Arkansas and create a sustainable future.  


Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the Ozarks by exploring our public preserves located across Benton and Washington Counties. Experience firsthand the stunning landscapes that we are working tirelessly to protect. If your corporate team would like a guided tour of one of our public preserves, contact Evan Johnson at

Check out all of our preserves here: VISIT A PRESERVE


Make a direct impact by taking action and volunteering with the Land Trust! Join us for hands-on conservation activities, such as trail maintenance, habitat restoration, and invasive species removal. These activities provide a meaningful team-building experience while helping to protect and preserve our corner of the Ozarks. 

  1. Litter Pickup- This can be conducted at a wide range of Land Trust preserves (in both Washington and Benton County). Liter pickups are great for groups larger than 15 or more. The ability to see the positive environmental impact in the moment can be inspiring!  

  2. Kessler Classroom Service Projects- Located at the Ozark Smokehouse in Fayetteville. The Kessler Classroom is the educational hub for the Land Trust. We host over 1900 students annually for field trips at this site. We will be conducting a multitude of structural improvements to the site in 2023. Having a volunteer group help install new benches, signs, and exhibits would be a great help to us!  

  3. Bio Blitz- A bio blitz is an event that focuses on finding and identifying as many species as possible in a specific area over a short period of time. This type of volunteer event does not require extensive knowledge of species id (there are some awesome species id apps out there). This data is important in creating the land management plans for our preserves.  

  4. Invasive Species Removal- We are constantly battling invasive species on our preserves all year long! All ages and physical abilities would be able to participate as well!  


Contact Evan Johnson at         to learn more! 

Showcase your commitment to conservation by becoming a sponsor and partnering with us on projects and events. Together, we can raise awareness about your business's leadership in protecting the land and water that sustain Northwest Arkansas.

Contact Robert Hopper at to learn more! 


Every fall and summer, The Land Trust invites supporters to join us for Paddle Party and Acre by Acre – our largest fundraisers of the year, which raises critical funds to continue The Land Trust’s mission to conserve the unique character of NWA’s irreplaceable landscapes. These two fundraisers provide a welcoming platform for supporters to join a larger land conservation movement that directly impacts the quality of life for present and future generations of in Northwest Arkansas.


For more information and to get involved with Paddle Party or Acre by Acre, please contact Robert Hopper at

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