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Join the Northwest Arkansas Land Trust today and help ensure our community and future generations have access to clean water, healthy wildlife habitat, space for food production, and quality outdoor recreation. Your annual membership helps the land trust achieve lasting conservation in Northwest Arkansas, one of the fastest developing regions in the country.

Make a gift of $50 or more; or volunteer with the Land Trust  to become a member. You can enjoy knowing your contribution to land conservation is making our region a healthier, more vibrant place for all!

We are deeply grateful for our donors and we want you to stay with us long-term. Whether you give money, land, stock, or your time volunteering, we assure you:

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We will express our sincerest gratitude for your gift, no matter the size.

We will steward your gift as carefully as we steward our land and water.

We will show you how your contribution is making Northwest Arkansas a better place to live.

We will connect you with opportunities to deepen your relationship with our environment, and with us.

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Partners in Conservation 

Members of NWALT’s Partners in Conservation are among our most generous supporters, making yearly gifts of $1,000 or more. Our partners serve as ambassadors for local conservation, and their leadership gifts help set the pace for land conservation in Northwest Arkansas.

Give Monthly

The Northwest Arkansas Land Trust offers a monthly giving option to those who would like to increase their support and spread their contribution throughout the year.  The NWALT Steward Club allows you to make a monthly credit card gift to help sustain the work of the land trust. As a member of the Steward Club, your membership is automatically renewed annually and you can cancel or change your giving level at any time.  


Start your MONTHLY GIFT today!

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