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The Northwest Arkansas Land Trust began as an all-volunteer land trust in 2003.  We could not accomplish our land conservation goals without the continued support of dedicated community volunteers.  Whether you are interested in leading hikes, working on the land or helping in the office, we welcome your gift of time! To become a land trust volunteer, please fill out the form below and we'll add you to our volunteer mailing list. 

Become an NWALT Elder

NWALT Elders are deeply-rooted and respected members of the community, regardless of age, who volunteer their time and experience to share their knowledge and their love of the land.  In doing so, they help NWALT achieve one of its most important goals – connecting people with the land and fostering a community land ethic.

  • Lead Hikes, Lectures and Nature Programs

  • Attend Community Meetings

  • Advocate for Land Conservation

  • Provide Expertise on Key Issues

  • Write Articles or Blog Posts

  • Provide Nature Photos for Publication

Join the NWALT Conservation Crew

The NWALT Conservation Crew is a group of active volunteers who like to be out on the land. They assist NWALT with important land conservation needs such as basic maintenance, site inspections, trail construction, boundary marking, light construction, invasive plant removal and other land management needs. Members of the Conservation Crew may “adopt” a particular property to concentrate their time, provide a specific skill to the crew, or help on a case-by-case basis.

Join our Citizen Science Program
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Wildlife habitat is important for quality of life in Northwest Arkansas. Stewardship of the land requires understanding the plants and animals that live there. As such, NWALT has an active citizen science program as part of our land stewardship work.  With a little training, you can join our efforts to monitor plants and animals on the land we protect to inform our conservation and stewardship activities. Help us study frogs and toads, survey for rare plants, or count birds through a variety of projects.

Ready to get started biomonitoring? iNaturalist makes it easier than ever to record your observations. Download the iNaturalist app, take a photo of the interesting plants and animals you discover while exploring, and submit your findings through the online platform. Experts can help you ID your observations and you can help others ID their findings as well. Contact Us to learn how you can help us document species on our Preserves.

Teach the Next Generation
of Conservationists

The Kessler Mountain Outdoor Classroom and Nature Center, located at our headquarters in the Historic Ozark Mountain Smokehouse in Fayetteville, is a local community conservation program that hosts field trips and special events throughout the year.  Volunteer educators play an important part in providing accessible environmental education to communities and schools in the region. Lead hikes with elementary students, assist with expert-led programs, or develop exhibits in the nature center. Contact us to learn more.

Provide Professional Services

As a local non-profit, the land trust relies on individuals and companies who can provide pro-bono services to help save land.  These volunteers work with NWALT staff or board members to complete key aspects of particular projects. Please contact the land trust if you can provide any of the following important services to the land trust:

  • General Administrative Work

  • Land Surveying

  • GIS and Mapping

  • Land Appraisals

  • Title Investigations

  • Biological Inventories

  • Historical Surveys

  • Grant Writing

  • Fundraising and Event Planning

  • Photography

  • Graphic Design

  • Sign Production

  • Landscaping

Individuals or companies who provide professional services to the land trust are recognized on our website partner page, in our annual report and the NWALT Field Guide.  Thank you!

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