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Before embarking in any Activity hosted by or associated with the Northwest Arkansas Land Trust, all participants must submit the waiver below. If you are younger than 18, then you need to have your waiver submitted by a parent or guardian. Your submitted waiver will remain on file and in effect with the Northwest Arkansas Land Trust for future activities.

 In consideration of being allowed to participate in the Activity, IF I OR THE PERSON FOR WHOM I AM SIGNING THIS AGREEMENT IS INJURED participating in the Activity or while present on the Sponsor’s Property, I AGREE TO BE LEGALLY BOUND by the promises set forth below.  I understand that the term “Activity” includes but is not limited to any guided or self-led hike, outing, school/group event, volunteer or other activity. I understand that the term “Sponsor” includes but is not limited to the Northwest Arkansas Land Trust, its members, partner organizations, affiliates, officers, directors, agents, volunteers, interns, employees and the owners of the Property on which the Activity is taking place. I understand that the term “Property” includes any land or buildings owned by the landowner (private or otherwise) on which the Activity is taking place.

In consideration to participate in the Activity, I, for myself, my heirs, next of kin, assigns, personal representatives, and estate, do hereby release, waive, discharge and covenant not to sue or bring any legal or equitable action against the sponsor  as well as their agents, employees, predecessors, successors, and assigns, and any and all others persons in privity with them. 

Without any limitation and for the same consideration and as part of this release, and waiver of liability and indemnity agreement, I hereby agree to indemnify and save and hold harmless the Sponsor from any and all claims, demands, causes of action, loss, liability, damage, or cost they may incur due to my participation in the Activity whether caused by the negligence of the Sponsor or otherwise.


I  understand that the Activity may be INHERENTLY DANGEROUS  and assume full responsibility for and risk of bodily injury, death or property damage which may result directly or indirectly form the Activity or any of the activities associated therewith whether due to the negligence of Sponsor or otherwise which may be in any way associated or connected with the Activity contemplated by this document, or in my use of any equipment and facilities.


I further expressly agree that the foregoing release, waiver, and indemnity agreement is intended to be as broad and inclusive as is permitted by the law of the State of Arkansas and that if any portion thereof is held invalid, it is agreed that the balance shall, notwithstanding, continue in full legal force and effect.


I hereby affirm that I have read and fully understand the above and I understand that I am releasing and giving up every claim, right, and cause of action that I may have against the Sponsor or against anyone in privity with them arising directly or indirectly from my access to the  Property or participation in the Activity and my use of equipment and facilities, and further agree that no oral representations, statements or inducements apart from the foregoing written agreement have been made.


I recognize my responsibility to INSPECT the trails, terrain and other facilities within the Property, to exercise GOOD JUDGEMENT, to ACT RESPONSIBLY and to OBEY all of Sponsor’s oral or written guidance, instructions (including signage) and warnings.

Consent to use Of Voice, Name Likeness and/ or Photograph


I DO hereby grant permission for Sponsor to REPRODUCE MY AND/OR MINOR’S APPEARANCE, NAME, LIKENESS, VOICE AND BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION in connection with the Activity in any and all manners, including promotional materials, and any and all media, including the Internet, throughout the world and in perpetuity. 


I hereby release and forever discharge the Sponsor, its officers, employees, agents, affiliates, volunteers, and successors for any liability from any injury or damage to or loss of anonymity and confidentiality arising out of or in connection with the reproduction, exhibition, or broadcast of my voice, likeness and/or my statements in any format either directly or with the aid of a machine or device, including by affidavit, photograph, film, videotape, or sound recording.

Media consent

Thanks for submitting!

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