Climate Change in Northwest Arkansas

Scientists agree, climate change is not something we will experience only in the future, but is something we are already experiencing today. While changes in climate have not been as pronounced in our region as along coastlines and in other parts of the country to date, we are experiencing change, and the change will only accelerate in future decades. Our hunters, fisherman, farmers, and outdoor enthusiasts have already noticed differences in the natural environment. And as change in other parts of the country and world bring “climate refugees” to Northwest Arkansas, the increase in population creates an added climate impact of its own. When we understand the expected changes our region faces, we gain an opportunity to mitigate negative impacts and protect our local landscapes for the future.

Observed Changes

Scientists have documented changes in first leaf date, plant hardiness zones, length of the growing season, and length of the ragweed pollen season. Learn more about changes in our region.

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Predicted Changes

Our region is expected to experience continued increases in temperature and decreases in water availability along with increases in extreme weather events, such as drought and flooding.

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Impacts in NWA

Changing climate conditions impact our local ecosystems, agriculture and economy.

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