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Tips for Invasive Removal

If you find yourself with a lot of time on your hands and looking to get your hands dirty, spring is a great time to get out on your property and clear invasive species! Marson Nance, Director of Land Protection and Stewardship for the NWA Land Trust, offers these tips to help home owners keep their yards clear of these pesky species. 

  1. Don't plant invasives in the first place! Plant Native when possible -- check out this excellent resource for identifying invasive species and replacing them with natives can be found here

  2. If you must plant an ornamental exotic, make sure its an Ozark Friendly variety. Not all exotics are invasive, the key is to learn which ones are compatible with our native landscapes.

  3. When removing plants, try to get as much of the plant out of the ground as possible. Go to the root.

  4. Some invasive species like Chinese Privet and Bush Honeysuckle will require an herbicide application to get a complete kill. Use an herbicide that targets the plant you are trying to get rid of and then use a spray bottle or paint brush to apply directly where you want it. Broadcasting of full spectrum herbicides will nuke a lot of non target plants that you want to keep around. Always apply herbicides according to the directions on the label. THE LABEL IS THE LAW.

  5. Once you’ve removed an invasive plant, where possible replant with a native or Ozark Friendly plant. Competition is key to preventing the return of unwanted plant species.

Good luck, and happy planting! 


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