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#10K4NWA - Help NWALT Reach 10,000 Acres Under Permanent Protection

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

L-R: NWALT ED and CEO Grady Spann, 2023 Arkansas Conservation Legends Micki Harrington, Gene Grosclos, Ed Clifford, Brenda Anderson, Tim Snell, NWALT Board President Jenny Burbidge

Last month, we gathered at the Ozark Mountain Smokehouse to celebrate the Land Trust. NWALT’s journey began in 2003 with a spark from a group of community leaders with the idea that the people of Northwest Arkansas could forever protect the land, water, and wildlife that define and sustain our lives here in the Ozarks.

20 years later, we all enjoy better lives, stronger communities, and a healthier Northwest Arkansas, thanks to the efforts of our founding, past, & current board members, landowner partners, the NWALT team, and individuals like you who form the heart of NWA's conservation community.

As our region continues to grow, we must ask a critical question: What do we envision for NWA in the next 25, 50, 100 years? The time to decide is now, and, more importantly, the time to act is now.

With 7,495 acres across 44 properties forever protected, we are excited to announce 10K4NWA, the name for the Land Trust's effort to reach the milestone of 10,000 acres in Northwest Arkansas under permanent protection.

With our population on track to reach a million people over the next two decades, NWALT’s mission becomes even more crucial. Our goal is to connect with folks dedicated to a future where clean water, fresh air, easy access to world-class outdoor recreation, and locally grown fruits and vegetables are integral parts of everyday life in Northwest Arkansas.

Financial contributions have been critical in fueling the Land Trust’s growth and success over the past two decades. We invite you to continue this journey to 10K4NWA with us.

Together, we will protect the places that mean the most to NWA. For everyone, forever.


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