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Westside Prairie 

County: Washington 

Size: 38 Acres 

Date Conserved: 2020 

Trail Miles: 1, easy 

Ownership: City of Fayetteville 

15 S Broyles Ave, Fayetteville, AR 72704 

Westside Prairie is a 38-acre conservation easement held by Northwest Arkansas Land Trust on City of Fayetteville Property. Together with Woolsey Wet Prairie Sanctuary, the site makes up nearly 80 acres of historic oak savanna, and tallgrass wet and mesic prairie in various stages of restoration.  


Westside Prairie was slated to be the site of solar arrays to power the adjacent Westside Wastewater Treatment Facility. After discussions between NWALT, local conservationists, and the city, the City of Fayetteville agreed to relocate the solar panels to more disturbed areas south and east of the prairie. The city then allowed NWALT to place a conservation easement on 38 acres of the prairie for permanent protection. NWALT holds a management contract to restore the native habitat and implement public access. 


Part of the historic Woolsey Farm and Homestead, Westside Prairie is a remarkably intact tallgrass prairie and savanna remnant which hosts nearly 300 species of plants, several of which are of conservation concern tracked by Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission. NWALT’s restoration and management efforts include control of invasive plant species and prescribed fire.  


There is an easy 1-mile mowed trail through the site which connects to trails on the Woolsey Sanctuary. The trail takes visitors through dozens of ancient prairie mounds which host high biodiversity, and by an old barn. Visitors may park at the Woolsey trailhead near the water treatment facility. Plans are in the works for additional parking at Westside Prairie on South 54th Avenue.  

Westside Map.png



  • Open dawn to dusk. 

  • Enter at your own risk. 

  • In case of emergency, dial 911. 

  • Foot traffic only; no bikes or motorized vehicles. 

  • No Dogs Allowed. 


  • Stay on designated trails only. 

  • Do not feed or disturb wildlife. 

  • No collecting of plants, flowers, or other natural elements. 

  • Unauthorized fishing and trapping prohibited. 

  • Hunting prohibited. 

  • No camping or campfires. 

  • Pack out what you pack in; leave no trace. 


  • Birds- Both Woolsey and Westside host an amazing diversity of bird species throughout the year including grassland and wetland species. Over 220 species of birds have been observed across both sites. 

  • Native plants- A huge variety of native prairie and wetland plants can be observed at Westside Prairie including 5 species of milkweed, many native grasses and rare sedges, and a pond which fills with American lotus each summer. These plants are magnets for native pollinators, butterflies, and birds. 

  • Wildlife- The prairie hosts many species of birds along with deer, burrowing crayfish, box turtles, frogs, and several species of nonvenomous snakes.  

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