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$50,000 Gift Bolsters NWALT Land Stewardship Efforts

The Northwest Arkansas Land Trust is excited to announce a $50,000 gift towards its land stewardship fund. The fund is designated to support perpetual land stewardship efforts across its protected lands including monitoring, enforcement, and landowner engagement.  

Dr. Margaret Reid’s gift builds upon the Land Trust’s stewardship fund for permanent land protection and strengthens its ability to continue to protect thousands of acres across Northwest Arkansas. 

NWALT is committed to the permanent protection of land and developing and maintaining a sustainable stewardship fund ensures its promise of perpetuity. “Community support is what drives NWALT to protect and monitor the strategic acres we’ve protected for clean water, wildlife, family farms, and opportunities for outdoor recreation,” said Marson Nance, Director of Philanthropy. “We’re in the forever business, and gifts like Dr. Reid’s help make sure the lands we’ve protected stay protected.” 

NWALT has protected most of its nearly 8,000 acres through conservation easements. These are binding voluntary agreements with landowners to restrict certain land uses to protect each property’s specific conservation values. Landowners still own and use their land, while protecting its important ecological, cultural, or agricultural values forever. To maintain the promise of permanent protection for each acre entrusted to NWALT, stewardship funds must be available to ensure monitoring and legal defense of these special places. 

Dr. Reid understands the importance of supporting NWALT’s stewardship fund. “Having lived and worked in various parts of the world, the importance of protecting and preserving vital natural and cultural resources has been deeply imprinted in my mind. The care is not automatic but must be cultivated anew within each generation. The love of our natural and built spaces, however, must be accompanied by financial and volunteer commitments, which is what the NWALT seeks to foster.”  

“It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the beauty that surrounds us in NWA,” explains NWALT CEO Grady Spann. “The beautiful vistas, clear creeks, rivers, and lakes, our ability to enjoy outdoor recreational activities, and the enjoyment of local fresh fruits and vegetables can be taken for granted. NWALT is committed to looking forward to and imagining what our landscape will be in 20, 50, 100 years. Our work is focused on making sure what we enjoy so much today will be just as marvelous for all generations and for all people. We can’t do this work without our communities and generous support of folks like Dr. Reid.” 

To join Dr. Reid and help protect Northwest Arkansas forever, it’s simple.  All gifts are directed to this important work and everyone at every level can be a difference maker in leaving a sustainable land legacy. 


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