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Arkansas Farmer Shares His Experience Trying to Start and Grow a Farm in D.C.

NWA Farm-Link member Brendan Sinclair of Snuggle Bug Farm in Elkins was selected among 17 farmers representing 13 states by the National Wildlife Federation to visit the Capitol for a Fly-In to educate elected officials about small urban farms and conservation. The NWF is one of several conservation and farmer-focused advocacy groups providing feedback on proposed Farm Bill legislative changes. NWALT was asked to make recommendations on local farmers from ARK to represent the state. We could not be prouder Brendan was selected given his knowledge, skills, and commitment to sustainability, operating a certified organic farm. The meeting focused on how farm bill conservation programs empower family farms and ranches to navigate changing climate and pass down their businesses to the next generation.


NWA Farm-Link member Brendan Sinclair in front of US Capitol Building

Brendan was quoted in a NWF press release about the event. “I chose to pursue farming because, like so many others, I am passionate about good food and community health. But producers are on the frontlines of the fight against climate change. If we want to ensure that farmers, ranchers, and foresters can thrive for the foreseeable future, it starts with adequately funding these farm bill conservation programs so that more producers can participate. Supporting rural communities and family farms while fighting climate change – investing in climate-smart ag is a win-win.”


Senator John Boozman and NWA Farm-Link member Brendan Sinclair

Brendan shared these photos including meeting Arkansas Senator John Boozman, and stated he enjoyed the experience and hopes to do more of this kind of work to support small farms.

In mid-February, small farms were also the focus of remarks from the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack. In his speech, he committed more resources to help secure the future of small farms and touted their important role in climate smart sustainability practices. You can see the news at


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