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Continued funding for the Northwest Arkansas Land Trust

Continued funding for the Northwest Arkansas Land Trust (NWA) has been critical to its success. The Northwest Arkansas Land Trust is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that is mission focused, and mission driven to save land in perpetuity that defines what makes Northwest Arkansas (NWA) so special.

This past year, the Northwest Arkansas Land Trust has been focused on sharing its story of why protecting land and water quality is so important to NWA and maintaining a sustainable balance between development and natural resources and landscapes. Fueled by our partners, NWALT has forever protected 7,365 acres in its twenty years of existence with 46% of that total occurring in the last three years.

NWA residents are more aware of what it means to protect land today than at any time in the past. This is in part because NWALT has made a very concerted effort to share its mission with all residents of NWA.

Social media posts and digital interaction have increased 1,400% in the last 18 months. Since 2020, outreach events have increased by 291%, 51 presentations have been given in the last two and half years to many different organizations and at conferences, and we continue to serve local schools by introducing land protection and conservation to over 2,100 students each year.

NWALT protects 43 properties that protect 71 species of greatest concern. Several more conservation easements are currently at some stage of being completed which will increase acreage protected that will impact more species and water quality in NWA. NWALT works with 48 other conservation partners and organizations to make saving land possible. NWALT has proven to be a successful organization keeping up with the pace of land protection that is exciting and challenging at the same time.

Purple Coneflower located in the NWALT Native Garden

These significant accomplishments and amazing growth in the last three years have put a strain on the capacity of what NWALT can accomplish but our team is not slowing down in the continued efforts to protect land. The focus continues to be on the permanent protection of land in the thirteen counties, still focusing on Benton, Washington, Madison, and Carroll counties due to the amount of growth in these four counties. We realize that we need to reach other areas in the region. As NWALT continues to engage with communities and landowners, we hope this growth will spread to all areas in the thirteen counties.

To do this important work, NWALT depends on your support both financially and in connecting with people and organizations. Funding the Land Trust’s daily operation is driven by each person, organization and business that invests in the vision to secure the natural beauty of our communities and landscapes that surround our daily commutes, weekend recreational activities, availability of locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables, and the clean water we enjoy when it gets so hot. We need each of you to commit to supporting this mission through monthly giving, donations, connections, and partnerships. Together we will make a difference accomplishing more than a stand-alone land trust. Please consider supporting the Northwest Arkansas Land Trust today.

Your support makes the difference.


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