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  • Ryder Snell

Meet NWALT Board Member Eileen Jennings

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Our board members are critical to the success of the Land Trust and we are thankful for their expertise and leadership! This series is all about introducing these difference -makers who are helping ensure NWA will always be defined by clean water, fresh air, native habit, a growing supply of locally grown fruits and vegetables, and access to outdoor recreation, all while expanding economic opportunities.

Get to know Eileen...

Eileen was raised in Madison County, AR. She is now the vice president of commercial banking at Arvest Bank in downtown Fayetteville, AR.



How did you get involved with NWALT? I got involved with NWALT through former ED, Terri Lane and Ed Clifford. They happened to be in the bank, conducting business and were discussing needing to add someone to the Board with finance experience. I knew them both and asked if I could help them...the rest is history.

Who are your environmental heroes? When I think about environmental heroes, I think of all the folks that live on the land and love their land. The ones that know the changes in the local flora and fauna and want to tell others about it. I know there are many notable names when it comes to advocating for our environment, but I also hold in regard the folks trying to eradicate invasive species from their property or are attending every local government meeting to advocate for the land and its health. We need heroes at every level.

How do you want to impact Northwest Arkansas Land Trust? I hope I impact NWALT through helping build relationships across the region. I'm passionate about this region and our natural spaces are what make it special. I know others feel that too and connecting folks, to make a larger impact is something I strive to do.

Historic Johnson Farm

What may younger generations not understand about your generation’s concerns about the environment? What generational perspectives are missing in today’s conservation movement? I feel good about the younger generation and what they are doing to champion the environment. We all need to understand that change comes through listening and learning from different perspectives.


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