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10K4NWA – How Can You Get Involved?

Updated: Mar 1

The Northwest Arkansas Land Trust recently launched its 10K4NWA program with a goal of protecting 10,000 acres in the 13-county region of Northwest Arkansas. NWALT currently protects 7,495 acres that have made a important impact in the protection of water quality, and are vital to habitat to 30 species of greatest conservation need like the Oklahoma Salamander, Midget Crayfish, Sunbusrt Darter, Sulpher Springs Diving Beetle, Sharp-shinned Hawk, Henslow's Sparrow, LeConte's Sparrow, and the Grasshopper Sparrow.  These protected acres also provide access to outdoor experiences including hiking, biking, and nature watching, and allow the public to enjoy the “naturescapes,” as I like to call it, that we all enjoy seeing every day.


Protecting 10,000 acres (almost the size of Hobbs State Park/Conservation Area) in NWA will serve as a gateway for land protection in one of the nation's swiftly developing regions- Northwest Arkansas. Once 10K4NWA is reached, we continue to push forward with new goals of land protection. 10K4NWA is just the beginning of a journey that promises to make a difference in the trajectory of development and growth in Northwest Arkansas.


Butterfield Trail Village Residents Hiking at Betty Hinshaw Bird Sanctuarty

 The pressure on our natural resources from water to access to green and open spaces will continue to grow as our population continues to grow. Your support of NWALT’s mission to enhance the quality of life for all people in NWA through the permanent protection of land becomes more critical every day. Landowners that want to preserve their land legacy and protect their land in perpetuity are important partners to the land trust in achieving its mission and goal. Organizations and individuals that want to be part of this important conservation movement can support this goal through monthly donations, volunteering to help manage NWALT’s public preserves, becoming a sponsor of Adopt-A-Preserve, or continue to share NWALT’s message of land conservation and protection.  


The NWALT team continues to collaborate tirelessly with landowners, conservation partners, businesses and organizations and caring individuals like you to move the needle for land protection. If you enjoy the “naturescapes” and the idea of protecting what is so special to all of us, be that difference maker and support conservation work in NWA.


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