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90 Acre Sweden Creek Farm in Madison County Forever Protected with a Conservation Easement

If you’re fond of supporting local farmers, chances are you've encountered Sweden Creek Farm. Nestled in the heart of Madison County, this family farm has been using Certified Organic agricultural practices to produce Shiitake mushrooms for decades. For over 30 years, Carole Anne Rose and her late husband Curly Miller tended to this 90-acre forest farming operation. Their dedication to Organic Farming practices and commitment to producing high-quality farm products garnered them customers both locally and nationally. Forest farming became the hallmark of Sweden Creek Farm. This approach not only produces value-added farm products but also plays a crucial role in preserving wildlife habitats and maintaining the ecological balance necessary for soil health and clean rivers and streams.

Carol Ann Rose (second from right) alongside Land Protection and Stewardship

The past few years, Carole Anne found herself pondering the future of Sweden Creek Farm. Recognizing the importance of preserving this land for future generations, she reached out to the Northwest Arkansas Land Trust to explore conservation options. What began as a simple desire to protect her farm blossomed into a profound legacy for Carole Anne Rose and her family.

Understanding the intricacies of the property was vital in crafting a customized conservation agreement. With Sweden Creek and several year-round flowing springs across the property, the unique features of the land had to be carefully considered to ensure its long-term protection. Through many site visits and conversations, the Land Trust was able to document the conservation values of the property and craft a conservation easement protecting the unique features of the land and ensuring Rose’s long-term goals for the property.  

The protection of Sweden Creek Farm was a labor of love and dedication. Through Rose’s vision and the collaborative efforts of the Northwest Arkansas Land Trust, a legacy has been forged—one that will continue to thrive, enriching both the land and the community it serves.

We are proud to welcome Carole Anne into our community of landowners who have protected their property forever with a tailored conservation easement. This 90-acre farm is our second protected property in Madison County, one of our four focal counties. Located downstream of Sweden Creek Falls, protected by Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission, Sweden Creek Farm is helping further our mission of landscape-scale conservation in Northwest Arkansas.


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