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Preserving Nature Together: NWALT Launches Adopt-A-Preserve Program for Community Conservation

NWALT is excited to announce our Adopt-A-Preserve Program! We are looking for local business partners to help fund public access and habitat improvements across our 7 public access preserves in Benton and Washington Counties.

Each year our preserves host thousands of visitors who come to hike, birdwatch, practice yoga, swim, and learn about our region’s natural resources. NWALT manages miles of trails and infrastructure to connect our community to the benefits of protected open spaces and nature, while restoring and managing native habitats for plant and animal species that call these preserves home.

To continue this important work, we need your help! Adopt-A-Preserve is a fantastic way for your business or organization to get involved in the Land Trust’s mission. Sponsorships of all levels will directly support our work to maintain habitat and public access across more than 1,000 acres in Northwest Arkansas.

Wilson Springs Day 2023

Your participation is more than just financial support. It represents a shared commitment to preserving ecological integrity and opportunities for public access on NWALT preserves for generations to come. By adopting a preserve, you become a custodian of our natural legacy, actively safeguarding biodiverse ecosystems and opportunities for the public.

We can’t do this work without you- it truly takes a village! If your organization or business would like to help NWALT improve and enhance the quality of life for all people in NWA, please contact Marson Nance at


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