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Birding 101

Due to current circumstances we weren't able to host our Birding 101 workshop as scheduled this spring, so we're bring the workshop directly to you! Join our Director of Land Protection and Stewardship Marson Nance as he discusses the tools and tips for beginning birders.

Marson is back with the 2nd of our 3 part series, Birding 101! In this segment, Marson discusses the importance of a good identification guide and identifying birds in the field.

Marson takes us on a tour of Wilson Springs Preserve in the last of our Birding 101 video series! Learn about the different habitats that host a variety of bird species throughout the year.

We hope you enjoyed this series and learned a thing or two! The NWA Land Trust offers guided outings throughout the year to our various nature preserves. To be notified of our upcoming events, be sure to sign up for our mailing list here!


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