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NWALT Farms Berryville Gears Up for Spring 2024 Planting Season

New Holland Workmaster

Construction and equipment purchases continue at NWALT Farms Berryville. The 4,000 square-foot wash and pack shed is nearly complete. The WT equipment retailer in Berryville has been tapped to provide the equipment. The first purchase includes a New Holland Workmaster with 70HP. This versatile 4X4 tractor has a full-sized front-end loader and higher clearance tires. It is a strong pulling tractor capable of higher capacity field operations, but also agile enough to handle specialty crop production requirements, such as bed prep, precision cultivation and mechanical transplanting. The cab is open in the photo above, but will have a shade canopy to protect the operator/farmer from the sun. The open cab will give drivers a much better view of the ground and crops as they pass through them.

Berryville Pack Shed

Additional implements are forthcoming. Farmers operating at Berryville are asked to secure any specific equipment they may need for highly specialized purposes. NWALT is in the process of reviewing its first formal application where New Roots Farm expects to grow on Tract 1. This farm is being developed by the NWA Food Systems Initiative, which has hired a south Arkansas based grower to produce specialty crops on approximately 5-acres in 2024. Stay tuned for more information and a site visit to see NWALT Farms Berryville.


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